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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anxiety??? Emotional??? Who Me???

Well I’ve had my pretesting done and October 22nd is creeping up on me. Ever since I got my surgery date its been like WOW Oct. 22nd is so far away. When I say Oct. 22nd it still seems far away…until yesterday when I realized Oct. 22nd is two weeks from tomorrow. Now Oct. 22nd is too close. I still can’t wait to get this over with but omg two weeks! All this time I’ve been wondering how much anxiety I’m going to have the week before and the night before. It’s crazy…I’m starting to have anxiety about having anxiety. Ahhh yeah, I’m sure my family is not at all surprised by this. I think I’ll be taking a lot of deep breaths for the next two weeks!!!

Today was an emotional day. I went to B’s high school (for those of you who don’t know my son is a senior this year and a baseball player. He has been looking at colleges and meeting with coaches). So as I said I went to the school to talk to the Athletic Director about the schools B is interested in. I know he has a lot of information and contacts so I’m hoping he can get his name out there some more and bring some coaches to some games this spring to see him play. He is very glad to help in any way he can. He thinks B is wonderful and a great player. Now for the emotional part…I also explained to him that I am having surgery and may not be able to help him much for the next few months. Now its been my recent experience that when I say to a MAN that I’m having surgery they just say “sorry to hear that” and don’t ask any questions. I think they are afraid it is woman stuff that they won’t want to hear about hahaha. Also I find it easier to talk about my breast cancer with someone who already knows. I can joke around about my boobs trying to kill me and that I’m going to have these new perky boobs and everyone is going to be jealous. Buuuuutttt when I have to tell someone who doesn’t know I get very emotional and being the great guy that GN is he asked…and I got very emotional. Ugh!!! I don’t like getting emotional in front of people who are not family or very close friends but he handled it very well and he didn’t ask to take me out to dinner??? Haha but that is another story.

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  1. I know what you mean about talking about surgery to men, I had the same experience when I had my hysterectomy. I would just cry and cry because I was only 30 and I hadn't had any children yet. But some men are really sincere in their words and actions.