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Saturday, December 18, 2010


First let me just say that if you are reading this and you have the exact same Breast Cancer diagnosis, surgery, reconstruction, and treatment I am 99.9% sure you will not have the same experience as me. I have the unfortunate complication of having Crohns Disease and all ITS complications.

I am 99.9% sure I am going to look wicked cute in my new wig…broke but cute. Yes wigs are expensive, especially real hair ones but since I will be wearing it for a year or more I want it to last. I went for a fitting and tried on several wigs. Including a blonde one :) (I have very dark hair, almost black) Needless to say the blonde one did NOT look good!!! I would never do that anyways because I love my dark hair. The wig master has ordered my wig, it will be a similar style and color to how I wear my real locs. All the wigs arrive long and are styled at the second fitting. I go on Tuesday. I will post a pic.

I am also 99.9% sure that this past Thursday and Friday were the worst days of my life!!! I had my first chemo on Monday. The treatment itself went very well. My hubby and sister CAE were there with me. I took my pink snuggie which I started having all my loved ones sign.

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We were there about 4 hours. I don’t have my port in yet so the nurse started an IV in my left arm. (Warning KAS…scroll past this picture)

I was very tired that day and the next and I had an increase in diarrhea. Then Wed. night I started to feel horrible, even more diarrhea now and the constant diarrhea seemed to flare the fistula. That night every inch of my body hurt. It was like tiny shards of glass racing through my body stabbing me. The pain and diarrhea and and fistula flare continued Thurs. which was the day I had a consult appointment with the surgeon who was suppose to put the chemo port in the next day. My heart rate was high and I had a slight temperature so needless to say they postponed that procedure until December 28th before my 2nd chemo. Friday the muscle and joint pain eased up a little but I had bouts of nausea and esophageal spasms and stomach/intestinal cramping. It felt like my entire digestive tract was in a knot. I’ve continued to have moderate diarrhea with occasional spasms. The fistula is starting to feel better but is still making it clear that he is there and not going anywhere. I have a call in to my GI (who won’t be back in the office till Monday) and I’ve spoken to the oncologist (the surgeon called her too) I’ll have my blood checked on Monday and see the oncologist on Tuesday. My temp. is back to normal and my heart rate has lowered. I’m hoping I’m on my way back to feeling normal (for me) for the next few weeks before I have to go through it all over again.


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