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Monday, March 28, 2011


Well I had my 3 week post-op appointment after my swap surgery and it looks like I may have to have some touchups done. Some of the extra skin is just not falling into place and therefore I have these small but annoying bulges off to the sides below my armpits. As per Dr. Jiffy Boobs instructions I have been massaging the areas to help smooth them out. I don’t think its very noticeable to anyone when I’m clothed, unless they are really examining the shape of my boobs (and if they are they deserve the ewwww that they get). Right now when I go out I wear one of my old bras. I took the underwires out of them (they are a no no). The bra hides the bulges and gives me a more natural shape. Yes that’s right my “old” bras!!! Even though I wanted to downsize I seem to be about the same size??? I think I look smaller but I guess not. Maybe because they aren’t saggy and they are up higher that makes them look smaller. I don’t know but I can tell you one thing… Ya know how your bra straps usually dig into your shoulders…well now that the bra isn’t really holding them up my straps keep falling off my shoulder.

I’ve been exercising and my arms are getting stronger and I’m getting my range of motion back. It still always hurts more on the right side and my left side is definitely stronger. I’m not exhausted all the time either which is wonderful. I still overdo it sometimes but it is getting easier and easier to do more things.

I’m still having lots and lots of hot flashes. It’s been very cold here which doesn’t seem to stop baseball coaches from playing games. So I have sat at 5 games so far in layers and layers of shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets and surprisingly enough I don’t have the hot flashes when I’m that cold. At one game I did but it felt good (for once). It warmed me up for a few minutes :) My head gets very cold. I have to wear a skull cap and at least two hats and then I also put my hood up.

My hair is starting to grow back in and it seems to be coming in straight and soft. Not course like everyone said it would. The best news is that it is coming back in dark…Yeah. Especially on the sides. I see gray on the top but right now it doesn’t look like much more gray than I had before and of course as soon as I can I will be dyeing it!

I go back to Jiffy Boob in early May so if I have to have more surgery it will be after that. I need to have my 6 month follow up with the surgeon in April but (if I can) I might try to schedule it the same day as Jiffy Boob.

More baseball today and right now it is 29 degrees…buuuuurrrrrr. Send me warm thoughts.


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