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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My other Dr. K

I had my follow up with my plastic surgeon (my other Dr. K) We are both very happy with the reconstruction so far. There are some "final touches" I could have done but right now I have no desire to have more surgery and if I do decide to have the "final touches" done in the future I will have to find a new surgeon. Yes I am losing him too. Yes he also recommended a new doctor for me sooooo we shall see. I'm sure all the new doctors will be wonderful...I'm just not looking forward to starting over.

I did go out and buy myself some new bras woo hoo!!! Now that the implants have settled in and all swelling is gone my old bras are WAY tooooo big. Of course I don't have to wear one. I don't need support anymore. These babies hold themselves up :) (I still worry that gravity will make these ones sag eventually too). The bras do give me a nicer shape. Not that the shape is bad. He really did a great job compared to some of the pictures I've seen during my research. No one else seems to notice the uneven areas that I think are obvious. The bra also makes me feel feminine hahaha how silly does that sound hahaha.


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