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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the doctor I go

I went to see my oncologist Dr. A. Tuesday. I am so glad that (for now) she accepts my new insurance. This could change (as the battle for control continues in this area) but hopefully it won't.

The worst part of the appointment was of course the needles

The first attempt in the wrist didn't collect enough. The second in the hand got the job done but OUCH and a nice big lump...blah. The rest of the appointment was great. My blood count was good. Even though I no longer have real breasts she still does an exam to make sure the skin, muscles, and nodes feel ok. They were all fine. No sign of Lymphedema. Other than the hot flashes I am tolerating the tamoxifen well and the plan is still to change me to a newer drug in 2013.

I talked to her about my new insurance and that I won't be able to see Dr. K (breast surgeon) anymore. She mentioned the same surgeon that Dr. K recommended so I am confident that she will be a good choice. I follow up with Dr. A again in 3 months.


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